Nurturing a lasting financial legacy for generations to come.

At Prairie Heritage Financial, you are part of our family, where we work together to achieve your dreams with a strong commitment to faith, family, and honesty. These are the principles that guide us.

Who We Are

We don’t just manage wealth; we cultivate trust, sow the seeds of financial independence, and harvest the fruits of lifelong partnerships. Our goal is to help weave a future for you that is enriched with stability, prosperity, and financial freedom.

Meet Your Prairie Heritage Team

Rooted in the values of our farming and hunting heritage, we pride ourselves for being friendly, approachable, and relationship-focused. 

What We Do

At Prairie Heritage Financial, we take on the role of caretakers, tending to your financial landscape with a commitment as steadfast as the heartland values we hold dear. Just as a farmer relies on the support of their community and family, we embrace these values and weave them into every step of your financial journey.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

We craft strategies tailored to your unique needs, with the intent of aligning every aspect of your financial life with your future goals and aspirations


Investment Management

We construct thoughtful investment portfolios, designed with consideration to your risk appetite and financial objectives, with a focus on striving for balanced growth and preservation of your assets.


Retirement Planning

We support you on your way to retirement and beyond, with a commitment to helping you achieve your vision of financial freedom and independence.


Estate and Tax-Efficient Planning

We provide informed and considerate strategies, aimed at preserving wealth and facilitating the transition of your assets, all while respecting your values and wishes.

Who We Serve


Business Owners



Our Process


Goal Setting & Refinement

Customized Strategy Development

Strategy & Development/Presentation


What Makes Us Different?

Community Roots

Rooted in the heart of Missouri, we provide friendly, tailored, and dependable financial services to our community. We cherish the connections we’ve built locally, committing ourselves to contribute to and foster the well-being and prosperity of our neighbors.

Client-Centric Approach

To put it simply, we listen before we advise. We carefully tailor our strategies and services, placing your lifestyle needs and aspirations at the core of our approach. We are your financial family, tending to your dreams with the same unwavering commitment that has shaped this land for generations.

Guided by Core Values

Every decision made at Prairie Heritage Financial is guided by our commitment to the core values of faith, family, and honesty. These principles act as the compass directing our approach, which helps ensure alignment with the aspirations of our clients.

Navigate through the fields of possibilities with us.

Transform your financial outlook with our honest and personalized financial planning and wealth management services.

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